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Premium quality or normal used containers?

What is ACEP or PES for shipping?

What is IICL, UCIRC and wind water tight cargo worthy?

What container is "Ammo grade" for IMCO 1 shipments?

What is "as is" condition?

This applies to steel dry and special container types like open tops and does not inculde reefer containers.

Shipping containers are manufactured with a useful life expectancy of around 20 years carrying cargo to and from all corners of the world. For many years steel shipping containers have been manufactured with Cor-ten steel, also known as weathering steel. Whilst containers have a strong protective paint system damages to this expose the bare steel and Cor-ten forms a protective oxide coating which seals the surface against further corrosion.

For many years all new containers were built for shipping use but over the past years many domestic storage container operators and similar have introduced new containers to their rental businesses. TITAN started this process already more than 20 years ago. Containers used in this manner have very few damages compared with containers used for shipping and transport.


If you want a container for storage use then starting with a better quality container will inevitably be the better choice. Easier to use with high door handles almost no deterioration will happen and you will always have a great quality storage container. When you no longer need you will have no problem selling the 10 or 20 year old "like new" container.


Quality - Like new or PREMIUM GRADE

As a container rental company we have a large number of rental containers that are in much better condition than normal used containers. Our rental containers are often only moving a few times a year and they get almost zero impact damages. Fewer dents and scratches and almost no repairs performed. Containers in this category are considered PREMIUM GRADE

Premium grade

Premium grade will typically include high level door handles for easy use when on the ground. Some paint colours fade with time. Probably also with factory built lockbox.

Premium grade doors open

Typically with the extremely good internal condition.
This container has been in storage service for 3 years.

Container lifesycycle


Container on crane windmill

Typical used shipping containers - GRADE A

This quality represents around the top 10/15% of used containers. The container is wind and water tight and is expected to remain so for many years without need for repair or maintenance of consequence.

Grade A containers tend normally to be containers painted in darker colours making any suface rusting less visible.

Grade A

Doors: Functioning with complete door gaskets. Easy/relative easy to open & close.
Framework: In good condition. No corrosion - CSC can be updated with the maximum 30 months.

Grade A inside

Panels: In good cosmetic condition inside and outside, limited rust and dents and zero corrosion.
Floor: clean and in generally good condition.

Typical used shipping containers - GRADE B

Most normal quality for used containers. The container is wind and water tight but some deterioration in quality can be expected that may require remedial work sometime in the future.

Grade B containers come in all colours and shades. 

Grade B

Doors: Functional. Here they are mostly newly painted which is not normal!
Framework: In acceptable condition. Possibly suited for shorter term CSC update.

Grade B inside

Panels: Generally in poor condition with rust and corrosion.
Floor: Suitable for use.

Typical used shipping containers - GRADE C

This quality represents the bottom 20% of used containers. The container is wind and water tight but with a limited life before repairs to maintain water tight integrity.

Grade C

Doors: Functional. Here they are mostly newly painted which is not normal!
Framework: In acceptable condition. Possibly suited for shorter term CSC update.

Grade C inside

Panels: Generally in poor condition with rust and corrosion.
Floor: Suitable for use.

Containers loaded and for transport by rail, road and/or sea almost always need to have a valid data or CSC plate. This is the container's certificate for safe operations. CSC validity is 5 years after manufacture and can be extended thereafter by maximum 30 months whilst ever the container is in safe structural condition. This is called Periodic Examination Scheme or PES. Sale containers supplied for for transport and shipping by TITAN often carry this validation of quality. 

Containers supplied by TITAN on rental are normally with ACEP validity. Read more on ACEP. See TITAN's certification.

Depending on the carrier/shipping line you may also need to supply a paper certificate confirming details of the container.

The data/CSC plate does not need to show the actual container number but must show the manufacturers serial number.

Containers on ship

Wind and watertight cargo worthy (WWTCW) v. IICL, UCIRC and other standards

Unless specifically agreed otherwise TITAN supply used shipping containers in minimum WWTCW condition. For storage only then the standard is WWT.

IICL and UCIRC are standards applied between shipping lines and international leasing companies. I some cases these are the same or similar to the standards we apply. In all cases these standards are to establish the need to repair or not and were motivated by a need to regulate container repair and estimation of damaged containers returing to the owner.

Are you shipping military or commercial explosives or other IMCO 1 hazardous?

Each year TITAN supply hundreds of containers for the shipping of government and commercial explosives for the mining and construction industries. The requirements are: less than 5 year old container without any repairs that required inserts or patches.

We offer simple and cost effective 1-way rental of compliant pristine 1-trip and newer containers from A to B worldwide.

The same containers are naturally available on sale basis if this is your preference.

Containers on ship

Some containers are sold "as is"

A few containers cannot be defined by any of the grades above.

Accidents happen to new and used containers. This container hit a low bridge!

These containers are outside of any grading system. This container is severly damaged. Repair will be difficult and expensive. The other 37' of this container are brand new and pristine!

Thankfully it is only a very small percentage of containers for sale but they exist and to those who want to "do it yourself" we offer all "as is" containers with appropriate and encouraging discounts.

This actual container was probably sold "as is" to a farm as a field animal shelter.

As is

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